My Mission:
Empowering People for the Good of Humanity

Here’s My Story

I am a lover of life in all its expressions and a lifelong learner. I’m a highly trained and committed coach with decades of experience making an impact in people’s lives. Those are my most important credentials.

Blessed with a loving family of origin and a good education, I have had so much opportunity. Having lived and worked on four continents, I’ve experienced the planet’s diversity of people, cultures, and beauty, and fallen in love with humanity. Surrounded by family and friends, my life is rich with connection.  I am most alive when I am serving people. Those are the things I value the most.

I became a professional coach because of my passion for relishing life – I was born to nourish, care, inspire, stand for the growth and expansion possible for each of us. I believe there is no issue, no problem, no situation that cannot be dealt with effectively. Each of us is a magnificent human being, and when we learn to value ourselves and our lives exquisitely, meet our challenges with authenticity and responsibility, we become the contribution we are meant to be. In pursuing that end, I may show up as a benevolent angel, a no-nonsense ninja, a fierce mama bear, or a prickly thorn not letting up until you succeed at what you truly want. I coach in service of your higher good, always.

I bring out the best in people: that is my purpose on this planet.

About Lisa Hough

“I am a bulldog for the success and fulfilment of all people.”

A cornerstone of coaching is helping people connect to their core values.  Here are two of my top values, and how they relate to my work.

Value #1: Empowerment

Empowering and enabling people to find their own inner power, passion, strength, guiding light — no matter what their circumstances — is a core value for me. I draw on the insights and experiences of decades of personal development and a grounding in transformational principles, I am driven by my desire to support people to be and do their best.

Value #2: Connection

Coaching allows me to connect with others in a meaningful way. You can’t coach effectively without a foundation of trust and mutual regard. I believe connection is the bedrock of happiness, supports personal performance, allows us to live authentically, be true to ourselves, and ultimately free to grow and learn.

My Credentials

ICF PCC-Certified Coach
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach
Positive Intelligence Coach
ACE Certified Coach