About Lisa, Founder & Principal Coach

Certified Professional Coach, PCC, CPCC, CPQC

A trained B Consultant and certified coaching professional with decades of experience, Lisa is passionate about empowering people, especially helping them transcend conflict and experience rewarding relationships. Her success lies in equal measures of love and challenge.

Inspired by the magnificence of the human spirit and appreciative of the imperfection of humanity, she cares deeply about people’s lives.  Her clients feel her commitment to them — she meets them where they are, helps them see their greatness, and helps exposes barriers to their success. Coaching allows her to help courageous people impact their work lives, their families, and their wellbeing.

Lisa was raised and educated in America and, having lived in many places around the world, she has deep cultural awareness. While endowed with a rich life, Lisa believes there is no top to the mountain of learning, which means she eagerly faces new challenges and works to transcend her own barriers. She works with clients globally, and guides people to tackle issues, navigate relationships, and work towards personal fulfilment and professional success.

“I am a bulldog for the success and fulfilment of all people.”

A cornerstone of coaching is helping people connect to their core values.
Here are two of my top values, and how they relate to my work.

Value #1: Empowerment

Empowering and enabling people to find their own inner power, passion, strength, guiding light — no matter what their circumstances — is a core value for me. I draw on the insights and experiences of decades of personal development and a grounding in transformational principles, I am driven by my desire to support people to be and do their best.

Value #2: Connection

Coaching allows me to connect with others in a meaningful way. You can’t coach effectively without a foundation of trust and mutual regard. I believe connection is the bedrock of happiness, supports personal performance, allows us to live authentically, be true to ourselves, and ultimately free to grow and learn.

My Credentials

Trained B Consultant
ICF PCC-Certified Coach
PCC-Certified Coach
Positive Intelligence Coach
ACE Certified Coach
Carbon accounting practitioner badge