Great relationships
don't just happen.
They must be nurtured.

Great relationships
don't just happen.
They must be

Do you want to interrupt the trajectory of an important relationship?

My Approach to Relationship Coaching

Through Relationship Coaching, I believe all issues can be dealt with successfully with loving attention, authenticity, and real communication. However, you do need to make the time and space to focus on what’s important, whether it’s conflict, divergent desires or despair. It’s often as simple (maybe not easy) as increasing our self-awareness and building the muscles and courage for real communication.

Whether you are in a mid-life marriage, just past the honeymoon phase, or looking for love, relationship coaching provides a useful structure that will lead to breakthroughs.

Join a small coaching circle to explore your situation or engage in private coaching – with or without your partner – and begin to unpack the mysteries of relationships. Move toward fulfilment in one of the most important areas of your life.

The Reviews are In


“Lisa is an exceptional relationship coach. She helps bring into view what is good and right in a relationship, even when negativity becomes blinding. She will call out ineffective behaviour with kindness, give tools that lead to cooperation, and encourage growth in each individual. I recommend Lisa Hough for any relationship, whether it is personal or business.”

– Lisa S, Fashion Photographer


“I’ve really enjoyed taking this course with my partner. It’s given us a new language and strengthened our ability to communicate and acknowledge each other’s perspectives. I’ve gained acceptance of myself, and peace with some big life events I was struggling with, and I am excited to reinvent with my new Sage Powers!”

– Ben C, IT Project Manager


“The PQ Mental Fitness Program has provided us great tools to communicate in our relationship. It gave us a new language, skills to adapt, and the empathy to understand each other better. With Lisa’s help, we’ve navigated some rough spots, and have started to see new possibilities for interacting the future. I never would have thought a couple could grow so much closer in just six weeks.”

– Annette F, Graphic Artist, Business Owner

Relationships are critical.

Fifty percent of relationships fail and it doesn’t have to be this way. It happens for a variety of reasons — we aren’t compatible, I don’t love him anymore, maybe we were not meant to be together — but in most cases, it happens simply because people lack the tools and skills they need to successfully deal with the challenges or conflicts they face. They give up on the the promise of the relationship itself.

If your relationship is lacking connection, joy, or riddled with stressful conflict, ask yourself, “Am I willing to interrupt the trajectory of this relationship?”

Relationships are Critical
Relationship Coaching

No man or woman is an island.

All the success in the world is shallow when it isn’t shared with the people in your life.

The fundamental building block of true happiness is the quality of your interactions with people. At the end of every day, no matter where else you’ve succeeded, if you lack affinity and connection with the people around you, you are not honouring the power of relationships. And, it is likely you are not having your most fulfilled life.

All relationships have ups and downs.

Sometimes relationships are singing, sometimes on the rocks. At times, we are equipped to deal with issues or conflict. But, in many cases, we operate on top of them because it can be hard to deal with them. Or, we don’t exactly know how.

It’s no surprise that we often take our relationships for granted, too. While we might experience peak moments of being in love, this feeling can be elusive. With challenges unaddressed and insufficient time for nurturing our relationship, it can look like we are “falling out of love” with one another.

Personal Relationship Coaching

Coaching Circles

Engage in the lessons of relationship coaching with others. Coaching Circles include hot seat coaching, single or in relationship, this is a meaningful place to discover tools and skills for your world of love and relationships.

Learn more about Coaching Circles.

Private Couple Coaching

By many measures you are successful — you have good careers, are financially sound, a nice family and plenty of friends. But, if you are struggling in your relationship with yourself or with the people in your life, it never really feels like success, does it? Or, happiness is diminished somewhat when you aren’t equally successful in your relationships. 

Couples Retreat

Does your relationship need a holiday? Imagine a luxurious and nourishing experience with ample time to re-boot, reconnect and explore the fundamentals of your partnership. You will take your relationship to a new level through dedicated and supported work, and re-discover your love and the strengths of your partnership.

There is no good reason to wait!