Coaching provides
business leaders
with a competitive edge

Leadership goes beyond knowledge, it requires self-awareness, reflection and growth.

Executive Coaching can be Vital in a Challenging Business Environment

The current business environment of complexity and disruption brings with it a host of challenges for all leaders. Not only do they need new thinking and skills to perform at their best, but also to effectively guide and build high-functioning relationships. Leaders are often expected to have the answers, but relying on their expertise may not be enough. Professional Executive Coaching is so important because leadership goes beyond knowledge. It requires self-awareness, reflection, growth and the ability to question the status quo with confidence and openness.

Executive Coaching provides a structure to discover critical insights, create action consistent with those learnings and build new dimensions of leadership.


Are you able to focus on what matters most to your organisation and deal effectively with the challenges you face?

 Do you know how to bring out the best in your people? Not just manage them, but to help them thrive in today’s business climate?


Is your organisation burdened with structures or systems built for a previous era, and you need to drive change to move forward?


Are you giving enough time and attention to your own journey, discovering new ways to respond and operate in different areas of life?

If you are facing any of these challenges, having a dedicated space to reflect and digest, gather critical insights, and expand your capabilities will help.

That’s what executive coaching is all about.

The Reviews are In


“The value of professional coaching and mentorship as part of a workplace should be considered as an invaluable investment in people. The coaching program at Luminary has been instrumental in illustrating to me that my professional performance is intrinsically linked with my personal wellbeing and goals, and that a pillar of professional growth is embracing that people are complex creatures and providing the means to support them.” 

– Matt Stobo, Quality Team Lead


“It’s fair to say that I had very high expectations of Lisa before we started working together, and that the outcome of this coaching has far exceeded those expectations. After only a few months of consultation, I have achieved an outstanding level of satisfaction in my role and heightened pride in my contributions to the agency. I am laser focussed, far more engaged, objective driven – and the tangible outcomes are testament to the professional growth that I’ve achieved over a relatively short period of time.”

– Liam T, Engagement Director, Luminary

Executive Coaching Options

A coach doesn’t have the answers for your specific needs, but they have the skills to create a coaching environment ripe for your growth as a leader. Having worked with leaders at all levels of business, both coaching and advising, I’ve supported many to meet their challenges and increase their effectiveness in all areas of their lives.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

A support structure for an executive who needs personalised attention to see their own blind spots, discover untapped reserves within, and develop better skills to meet whatever challenge they are facing.

Executive Coaching sessions are usually 75-90 minutes long, occur on a fortnightly or monthly basis. Assessment tools will be used as needed to deepen the learning.  Program options for 3, 6 or 12-month duration and include supplementary assessments or tools as needed, as well as co-designed interim support.

Team Coaching

Team Coaching

For groups or teams who have unique challenges or the demand for expanded interpersonal skills. The support of a dedicated coach creates an effective structure for change. I can help you work better in any environment and meet specific challenges.

Coaching sessions are usually 60-90 minutes monthly – sometimes with interim individual coaching. Assessment tools can be used as needed to deepen the learning. Programs are developed options for 3, 6 or 12 months and include supplementary assessments or tools as needed, as well as co-designed interim support.

“Working with Lisa has far exceeded my expectations. I have achieved an outstanding level of satisfaction in my work and a clear sense of my contributions there. Simply put, Lisa has enabled me to be my best.”

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