The partnership between coach and client is unique.

The partnership
between coach
and client is unique.

The coaching relationship requires trust, demands deep work and reflection. However, it’s also fertile ground for growth and change.

Who Are My Coaching Clients?

Business leaders who are engaged in their own growth and seeking to develop their leadership skills. Coaching helps provide better structures to influence and contribute to the people they lead or interact with on a consistent basis.

Power couples who lead busy lives and need to juggle work and family commitments. They want a balanced life: success in their careers, a family that works, and thriving relationships. However, with challenging and stressful lives, something usually gets sacrificed. They often seek coaching to help them manage conflict, because they know a solid relationship is critical to their happiness and overall success.

Individuals who are committed to greatness and want to progress in some area of life. They may be tackling a new challenge or facing an issue that requires new skills. Importantly, coaching helps build strong communication and  accountability structures needed to thrive.

The Reviews are In


“As my coach for many years, Lisa’s support has been life changing. She helps me get clear on my commitments, and decisions fall into place.  She has me see new perspectives that help me shift my actions in many situations, expanding what is possible, and allowing me to improve my results. She’s a warm, loving and empowering coach, more committed and effective than any I know.”

– Lisa Sciascia, Fashion Photographer


My work with Lisa came at a critical time and I’m so grateful for her coaching! With so many accountabilities– business owner, board member and industry leader, mother and wife — I am always stretched thin. Working with Lisa for 6 months has helped me restore my health, develop new habits, tidy up much unfinished business, and get on top of challenges that had been weighing me down. Her dedicated support helped me get back on track. I’m so grateful for her coaching.”

– Danielle K, Sustainability Consultant


“My experience with Lisa as my coach has been invaluable. She brought space, profound listening, rigorous structure, great wisdom and distinctions to our work together. In my work with her I was able to gain great clarity which has since guided me to expand my role, be energised and excited again about the work I do, and actively find ways to make a meaningful contribution. I am forever grateful for her compassion, perseverance and commitment in coaching me through this dark period.”

– Rachel R, Design Strategist

Ways I Work.

Individual Coaching: clients commit to engagements for 3, 6 or 12-month durations, with sessions scheduled fortnightly for 45 or 60 minutes. Sessions are conducted over Zoom or by telephone. In depth pre-work is required to get started.
Professional Coaching: clients help design the scope, frequency and duration of an engagement. These may include upfront consulting or assessments to get started. One-on-one sessions and team training are conducted on site, or via Zoom.
Other programs, such as relationship or behavioural change, include up front 6-week mental fitness training, followed by 3 or 6 months of fortnightly coaching sessions conducted via Zoom.

Coaching: Ways I Work
Lisa Hough Coaching

What About You?

My clients are courageous people who are successful in many areas of their lives, yet they have barriers to achieving certain results. While they are self-aware, and committed to certain outcomes, they still struggle with issues and blind spots that impact their performance. If this is you, then consider coaching. Above all, it is the most effective way to work toward your goals and create lasting change. Let’s have a conversation about the support you need to create miracles.

How I support my clients.

I bring respect and love to all my clients. I see their greatness, hold them as creative, resourceful and whole, no matter their circumstances. Remember, problems and conflict are not bad – they present great opportunities for change. With hard work and dedication, coaching can help someone discover their authentic self and convert vital insights into action. Importantly, all of this is critical to making change. What matters most is taking responsibility for the way it looks now and being motivated to change. A willingness to take new actions to impact your life is the first step.

For rapid change, consider the Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness Program.

Professional Coaching

“One of the things I value most about Lisa’s coaching is her obvious dedication to my success. She holds the space for discovery, allowing me to view everything I face as the perfect next step in pursuit of my goals. This has provided ample opportunity for success and fulfilment along my journey. Lisa is astute in her insights, tenacious in her commitment, and direct, yet gracious in her manner.” 

– Deborah

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