The partnership between coach and client is unique.

The partnership
between coach
and client is unique.

The coaching relationship requires trust, and demands deep work and reflection. However, it’s also fertile ground for growth and change.

What is coaching

What is Coaching?

Coaching is empowering your life through supported engagement to achieve the results you truly desire. It means reckoning with the gap between what you want and what you have, and discovering your pathway to real change. Coaching enables you to impact the areas of life that matter most through new perspectives, discovering your values, honing your strengths and abilities, actively moving forward in your personal and professional goals.

How does coaching work

How Does Coaching Work?

Awareness is the name of the game in coaching. A coach brings deep listening, a rich array of skills and tools, and a profound commitment to serve. Inside the safe and nurturing space of a coaching relationship, you discover what you need to see, what’s critical to moving forward. Powerful insight coupled with action and an accountability partner, makes change possible.

What is the Goal ?

The goal of coaching is to help you live your best life, to define your vision — what you really want — and unveil the barriers that keep you from it. To build self-awareness and self-discipline, to get unstuck from the repeatable cycles you operate in and create effective structures to pursue your dreams. Coaching enables courageous people to impact their lives, profoundly. With dedicated attention and commitment, you will produce powerful results and fulfilment.

Navigating Life’s Challenges Takes Awareness and Skill

The challenges of life and work — problems, conflicts, and barriers — present opportunities which are the pathway to change and growth. It takes courage to discover those barriers and the role we play in keeping things stuck where they are.

Who are you, and what challenges are you facing?

Leaders & Executives

As a leader, you want to increase your effectiveness, influence outcomes and results, expand your ability to lead your people to success. You know it’s important to develop yourself to meet the challenges you face, as well as achieve excellence and mastery at work and in life.


Love & Relationships

Whether in a committed relationship or not, you are looking for new ways to thrive in love. You want to learn to communicate better, deepen your connection, or revive affinity. You need support to deal with specific challenges or recurring situations. Discover how to have what you truly want in this important area of life.


Mental Fitness

According to research, 80% of people score below the minimum level of mental fitness required for peak performance and happiness. Thankfully, through recent breakthroughs shows us you can now improve your mental fitness significantly within six weeks.


Lisa Hough Coaching

As a coach, my success lies in equal measures of love and challenge.

Inspired by the magnificence of the human spirit and appreciative of the imperfection of humanity, I care deeply about people’s lives. My clients know I am committed to them. I meet them where they are, help them see their greatness and expose their barriers, irrespective of circumstances. Coaching allows me to help courageous people impact their lives profoundly.

“It is my joy and privilege to help people create their lives, fulfil their dreams, and realise their potential.”