Coaching Circles
offer a special
learning environment

Learn together, grow together and solve the issues that matter most, together.

Women’s Coaching Circles

A community of like-minded women, all with the same pursuit of empowering their lives and relationships

Oriented in self-awareness and discovery, a Coaching Circle is a small group women who come together to engage in the important topics of life. We explore everything from success in the workplace to intimate relationships through purposeful dialogue and coaching. In the face of most circumstances, we can each be our best or our worst. When it seems the thorniest of problems are recurrent this provides a place to create new ways of tackling the issues of most importance.

Coaching Circles are designed as a series of monthly group sessions, combined with interim individual coaching. It’s a unique opportunity to delve into issues in a new way, and be connected with and supported by other committed women. Explore what you really want to impact in your life, whether it’s a fulfilling relationship with a companion or life partner, successfully maturing your life skills, or expanding into the professional you want to be.

Discover what is possible for you when you free yourself from past constraints and uncover what’s standing in the way of your desires. From here, you can gain both insight and momentum to take new actions for the life of your dreams.

If you want something you’ve never had before, you have to be someone you’ve never been.

If you are willing to engage, be coached, interrupt your predisposed ways of thinking, develop new perspectives and take new actions, a Coaching Circle might be the perfect next stop on your journey. Coaching Circles offer a powerful interruption to the status quo that will challenge your thinking and makes something new available.

A Coaching Circle is a supportive and nurturing way to invest in yourself, contribute to others, alter the current trajectory and create a new future.

The Coaching Circles includes:

Group Session each month (1.5 hours).  Each session will include a presentation or a discussion on a specific topic, followed by coaching.  Coaching inside a group provides valuable impact for the person being coached, as well as for other members of the group
Individual coaching session each month
Two in-person group social events — Sat or Sun mornings (4 hours)
Interim Chat Sessions (optional, non-facilitated)
Entry to a special event, Exploring Relationships!

Program Details

Duration: 6 month program

Pricing: $1200/person

Questions: Book a call with Lisa to discuss the program, express interest or register directly.

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